Grazia Pizzillo, graduated in 1999 at the university of architecture of Palermo in planning.
In her course of study she added furnishing, scenography and art of the gardens.
At the Academy of Urbino she gained the degree of Xylography and Restoration.
She matured in several areas of Architecture Planning and in research and design which is made in her work-shop, paying attention to the materials especially steel and Agave fibre.
In 2000, by experimentation she created an Agave fibre paper.
She was in 2001 on the TV show Geo&Geo, to show her use of the fibre, that was used in a different way in the past.
From that moment the Dodo was born, a creative laboratory of bright furniture objects with Agave fibre screen.
She took part in the AF artisan in fair in Milan to the Environment Fair of Frankfurt, Macef of Milan and Caroussel du Louvre Paris.
In 2002 she opened the Medieval city Cefalù and in 2009 she open the study in Palermo which became the work-shop as well where the lamps are designed and made. Her philosophy of project and design is strongly to nature where her target is: to go from prototypes to the finished products with functionality and to transmit emotion passion and warmth.