Our History

Il Dodo

Il Dodo was set up in 1996 as the laboratory of arts “Forge for Lights” with the architect Grazia Pizzillo, with experience, passion and creativity, which offer clients hand made products, with unique design and form of the highest quality.

Every creation combines the beauty of art and functionality. Earth, Water, Fire and Earth a are the elements of inspiration while skilled hand fabricate vegetable fiber from Agave and forge the soft iron to sew and to give life and soft form of "Light" with soul and timeless effect, since the suggestive character and unparalleled mediterranean charm.

Lamps made, witer Agave paper, which is made by the laboratory “Il Dodo”, with attention to detail and environment, created and projected using new techniques and innovative in the field of LED technologies to be more impressive with style and elegance indoor, and outdoors to offer a superb quality of illumination in the public and private environment. 


Il Dodo is expression of your character, your style and your interior light.
Choose the materials and color, combine them and create a light that can truly reflect you like a mirror.


Natural materials, which has the watermark of agave fiber, used for lampshades, which comes from different shades of flowers, fruit and sky's colors to combine with the different colorations for metal structures.
The internal shielding of the lampshade, biodegradable, which makes it fireproof, and to complete the piece, the wiring follow the CE